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Please join us this fall in Denver; and save the dates for our 2012 Centennial Celebration!

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2010 Nix Award winner renders care in Haiti

Take in a baseball game at the Annual Meeting

See the King Tut exhibition at the Denver Art Museum


Dr. Clarke receives alumni award

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Referral program a success

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Letter from Dr. James Hamilton, Chairman, 2012 Centennial Committee


Please watch the COS meeting page for the latest program and registration information.

A Message from the President

Dr. MeyerI hope to see all of you at the 98th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Orthopaedic Society in Denver from September 23 to September 25.

The meeting will be held at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel, one of Denver’s finest. Dr. Steve Morgan, the course chairman, is putting together an excellent program including sessions that should elicit a great deal of discussion including: "Joint Preservation Surgery, Does It Work?"; "Should I Do My Total Hips Anterior or Posterior?"; and "Do I Really Need to Fix That Open Fracture at 1:00 AM?"

In addition, the meeting will have a special section on patient safety. We also have three outstanding guest speakers this year including Dr. Michael Bosse, past president of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association,  who will speak on “Steps Forward in Extremity Care of the Wounded Warrior" Dr. Lewis Zirkle, our Nix Ethics Award Winner, who will speak on “Improving Orthopaedic Care in the 3rd World”; and Dr. Peter Stern, past president of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

We continue to move forward with plans for our 2012 centennial celebration at the Palmer House in Chicago, and Dr. James Hamilton is doing a fantastic job developing our fund to provide grants for resident and fellow education.

Our biggest problem continues to be membership retention. The Clinical Orthopaedic Society is the second oldest orthopaedic society in the United States and one of the co-founders of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. It is one of the most prestigious of the societies. With economic pressures and increased subspecialization, our membership has continued to dwindle. We have a great population of emeritus members but without an influx of new, young active members, the society cannot continue. I urge each and every one of you to try to recruit at least one new member this year.

Thank you again for the privilege of being your president.

Annual Meeting Program Highlights

Special Guest Speakers

COS 2010 Nix Award Winner

Louis G. Zirkle, Jr. MD
Surgical Implant Generation Network
“Improving Orthopedic Healthcare in the Third World”

Education Program Highlights


"Patient Safety in Orthopaedic Surgery"

Live Patient Presentations

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