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Presidential Comments

By Kennth L. Moore, MD

The success of our e-newsletter has been overwhelming. The only problem that I see is the seemingly quick recurrence of the need to write another article. Dr. Kenneth L. MooreHowever, I view this opportunity to communicate with you, the membership, as one of the highlights of serving as your president. The ease of doing this letter is part of the new technology that is improving our communication and functionality of our society. It is a great source of information about what is happening in our society.

Thank you to Ruggles Service Corporation, who continues to work with the board on ways to improve and expand the COS. I am proud of our board’s participation in the monthly conference calls and their input of ideas and feedback on current issues. Memphian Bill Warner deserves special accolades for his outstanding job in creating a greatly expanded CME offering covering all branches of orthopaedics for the ninety-fifth annual meeting. It is definitely a top-tier program.  He is to be congratulated for putting the program together in record time and with unrivaled quality. For those that have served in this capacity, you know the time and energy requirement necessary. Thank you, Bill.

To many members, the only activity of our society is the annual meeting and the newsletter. These are certainly important aspects of our group, but to pull this off there is a lot of behind-the-scenes activity from management and board. A monthly conference call is conducted by the board to review program progress, review by-law issues, discuss finances, membership, and committee reports to name a few. The board also plans future annual meetings which include Annapolis 2008, Point Clear 2009, and potentially Denver in 2010. Site selection is not a roll of the dice to see where we will hold our annual meeting but a carefully thought out process about site evaluation and educational opportunities.

We are currently in the planning process for a board member “fly-in” to do strategic planning and meet with industry representatives about their long-term view of their company and ways that we all may interface. Thus far this year, I have represented our society at the Mid-America Orthopaedic Association annual meeting and have plans to visit the Mid-Central States Society, Eastern Orthopaedic Society, and Southern Orthopaedic Society annual meetings. The goal is to promote COS and to learn from these other groups. We hope to welcome their presidents to our annual meeting. At this year's Annual Meeting, we will have the opportunity to showcase COS to our friends, The Tennessee Orthopaedic Society.

So, how can individual members help? There are a number of ways to participate. First, if you have an interest in committee work, we are always looking for volunteers to fill slots. If you have a particular area of interest and expertise, we would love to put it to use. Our new mentoring program is looking for volunteers to write articles about issues that reflect our membership’s diverse interest and expertise. Through these informative articles, we hope to generate discussion and value for members. Take a look at these short articles in the newsletter and let’s get your comments.

Another new feature is our job opportunities listing on the web site. Here you can list your job openings or jobs that you are seeking. There is no fee for this service and only COS membership is required. Last, your participation in our 95th Annual Meeting, September 27-29 in Memphis, is an important way to be involved and show your support. All meetings require support from membership to be successful, but our industry partners' educational grants are integral to keeping meeting costs manageable and also to display their latest technology to complement our scientific sessions.

Please take a moment to review our industry sponsors and thank their representatives when they come by your office and at the annual meeting. You should have received a member survey by now asking some specific questions about the newsletter and the society. If you haven't already, please take time to complete this and do not leave it on the back of your desk waiting to do it. Congratulations to Dr. Suanne White-Spinner, who won a drawing for two free nights at the Peabody from among the members who completed the survey.

The Memphis meeting is quickly approaching and I urge you to register and attend a high-quality educational and social experience. Your meeting brochure and registration material should be arriving soon. For your convenience, you can also get the brochure here on the web site.  I look forward to seeing you and hearing your comments in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel. You will not be disappointed in the 2007 program.



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