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By Dr. Kenneth L. Moore

We have had an unbelievable response to the new format of our newsletter. The comments have been encouraging and have let your board and management know that growth of our society is on the right course.

Please mark your calendars for September 27-29, 2007 for Memphis, Tennessee. This is a combined meeting with our friends from the Tennessee Orthopaedic Society. We look forward to welcoming their attendance and participation. Dr Bill Warner has put together an exciting CME-packed program that will be of interest to both generalist and sub-specialist. He is assembling an outstanding faculty of local and national experts. No matter what your orthopaedic practice involves, it will mix well with the educational opportunities, the blues of B. B. King, the rock and roll of Elvis Presley, and the social setting to mix with old and new friends.

The mighty Mississippi, Mud Island, St. Jude’s Research Hospital, Beale Street, Campbell Clinic, Tunica casinos, antiques, old homes, and the world famous ducks at the Peabody Hotel are but a few of the many opportunities to explore while we are there. These are but a few of the reasons that the society will be returning to Memphis for the seventh time in ninety-five years. Memphis is a city that is alive and well culturally and medically. Your participation will be rewarded with a memorable experience and a unique educational opportunity.

Dr Terry Canale has created a special painting that we will use in our promotional material for the upcoming meeting. I personally want to thank him for his time and talent in creating this special piece of art. It truly captures the new Memphis.

I would like to welcome all of the new members that have been added since our 94th meeting. In addition, please forward names of potential candidates that you believe will benefit from COS. The new candidate membership category is an opportunity to involve our future orthopaedic leaders in our society at an earlier time in their career.

Our society is involved with many exciting new projects. We have set our goal to be a premier event for continuing medical education and fellowship. We have distinguished ourselves with our live patient presentations.

I am proud to announce that under the leadership of your board of directors, we have launched a new “mentoring program” for our members. The goal is to have an available resource for those questions you have that relate to practice and life that aren’t in textbooks. I am speaking of those ticklish areas such as burnout, family life, medico-legal issues, picking partners, and building an educational portfolio.

This newsletter will highlight just a few topics with brief teaser articles to arouse your interest and then will be followed by the name and number of one of our members who is knowledgeable in this area and is willing to talk to you about it. This effort is not only meant to target our younger members but also our long term members.

I make a special request that you follow our immensely successful e-newsletter for these articles. I also urge that if there is a topic that you would like highlighted that we haven’t identified to notify with your suggestions. We are actively looking for volunteers with expertise in every area of practice life. I particularly encourage our emeritus members to participate and offer their expertise in these same areas.

The collegiality of our society has never been greater. Our members feel the sense of belonging and are recognizing the benefits of membership. Please mark your calendar now for an outstanding educational opportunity in Memphis September 27-29, 2007 at the Peabody.



COS 95th Annual Meeting

September 27-29
The Peabody Hotel
Memphis, TN

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